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How and Why

Arround 2015/2016 my brother and myself started contesting at some Rap battles on YT, all online. Since then we never stopped making music, making music videos and we even started to learn how to produce or own Songs from scratch, using FL Studio at first.

About me? I grew up in a small-town in Gemany, near Stuttgart, born in NJ / New Brunswick, U.S.A.

I always looked up to artist like Jay Z, Michael Jackson, KORN, etc. and just got the idea to start creating my own Vibez. Even if it wasn´t all that in the beginning. The people arround me enjoyed it so I never stopped and still continue.

If you like someting just do it! No matter what anybody says.

That´s all I can say I hope you like what you hear on this page and keep following your dreams!

Blessing. Yours Truly.




Costumized Production

production pic.png

You keep searching the web for YT Beats and just find ass? Hit me up if you want some interesting production for your upcoming Tracks. For a acceptable price understandably.

Mix and Mastering

mix master pic.jpeg

If you need a solid mix and master on any of your Tracks. Hit me up! I attended the college "SAE Institute" in the field Audio Engineering and am experienced with mix, edit, master even radio edit your costumized Track.

Anything with music

Image by Jefferson Santos

If you ever need an artist to pullup on one of your Tracks or even to perform at your birthday party. Just know I´m your man! Feel free to reach out with anything relating music stuff.




Thanks for submitting!

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